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Guuys, i found a bug in my phone (a225g). Tge feature "hide navigation bar" in screenshots do not woek even if turned on. Pls help
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According to me, there may be some sort of error in the update released on your Galaxy device.

I suggest you to restart your Galaxy device and see if it is showing or not.

If this doesn't work, you may want to reset your Galaxy device. But make sure you have all the backup files before doing so.

If you still find bugs and other problems in Android 13, it will likely be fixed by the upcoming security patches updates. Check for security patch updates regularly & keep your device a lot safer.

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Its android 13
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First try a factory reset
If it's still not working,
Kindly send a error report to Samsung using 'error report' in support.to do that click support >scroll down>click error report>type your issue>upload some proof>click the icon one the right corner to send it .they will definitely help you.
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Hi 👋

1. Restart your device
2. Turn on safe mood and check what happened
3. Reset all settings
4. Reset to factory default
5. If any step didn't work wait for the next security patch level update

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