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Samsung formally announces One UI 6.0 at SDC23!

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Samsung Developer Conference 2023 kicked off moments ago, and one of the most highly anticipated announcements was One UI 6.0. Of course, if you followed our news feed, you're likely aware that Samsung has been running a One UI 6.0 beta program for a while. But at SDC23, the company formally announced the upcoming OS update, effectively giving it the stamp of approval for an eventual release that should happen before the end of the year.

The tech giant announced the One UI 6.0 update today under the slogan “Enabling your Galaxy, your way.” Some of the new features the company mentioned on stage at SDC23 include the revamped Quick Panel, a new exclusive typeface called One UI Sans, which improves readability, and new AI photo editing tools.

In addition, the company announced a new One UI 6.0 feature called Samsung Studio, which lets users make multi-layered video edits. With the Studio tool, One UI 6.0 users can use multiple layers to add text, stickers, and music exactly where they want in a video's timeline.

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I want a one ui 6 beta program