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جالاكسى نوت
Advice to the factory Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra "Note" You should not make a lot of Galaxy S Ultra 22 And you should now immediately start manufacturing the Galaxy S23 Ultra "Note" edition. Because it's the best, don't waste time But we want it with these following specifications Screen size:6,9 As for RAM, Samsung should count on 16 and above for its high hardware I always prefer black in all my devices, and so do many male users, but some ladies prefer white and pink Internal Storage: 512 GB or 1 TB With external storage memory slot: 512 GB or 1 TB Built-in stylus supports Bluetooth With the company's latest graphics processors and processors and advanced camera technologies and screens 5500 mAh battery Compatible with Five and SixG networks This design in the video is very cool It should not be changed in terms of color and shape Finally, we want either two versions of the device with the same specifications, one running the Android system The second version works to run Windows 10-11 with a Qualcomm Or the device is equipped with two processors Exynos for the Android system and another Qualcomm for the Windows system through two operating buttons Thus, Samsung has tightened its grip on the smart phone and portable PC market. Note devices are very popular, unlike foldable devices, tablets and laptops. There must be cooperation between Samsung, Google and Microsoft to achieve this goal and more profits and customer satisfaction We are a Samsung team with intense competition with Apple, Huawei and others, and we must offer the best