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I have S9 plus which supports 4I video recording through rear camera but the issue I have been facing is of storage. Although i have a sd card but i think as it's an old gen. one hence the videos (just 4k ones) are stored in internal rather than ad c...
Recently since past week till now my S9 plus has been getting overheated for absolutely no reason and even without any strenuous task I just google search still the phone gets heated can anyone guide me to resolve this issue
In s9 plus after upgrading to android 10 I am unable to setup my wallpapers in gyro mode that is tilt as per screen. Something like parallax wallpapers. This feature was initially present but now I couldnt find it. Can anyone guide me in this matter ...
Just like SSD, which can be directly connected to smartphone, can external harddisk he connected to smartphone for transferring data ?
I have a lenovo tab in which I was able to configure micro sd card and set it as internal which increased the internal storage from 16 to 74 gb is this same thing possible in SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 PLUS ?If yes then kindly show the process