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I want to know if the samsung gear s3 classic has a stress meter where the watch knows when you are stressed and advises to calm downI looked everywhere and cant find it on the watch ,also i had the galaxy fit 2 before the gear s3 classic and it had ...
I want to buy a samart scale that can work with samsung health application to eliminate the use of a third-party app I found the mi smart scale is compatible when searching in the accessories tab inside samsung health, moreover there appears to be a ...
I am going to change from m31 to m51 because of the bigger battery and performance to value If you are a m51 user tell me your thoughts (Is it good/is it bad) and what should i watch out from Also if you have one please go to galaxy store and search ...
Does any one know where the new updates are stored because i have a galaxy m31 and its a 6gb ver but i only have 2.4 gb usable and there are no applications using any ram so do the uodates get stored on the ram or storage memory help please i still h...