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1. Heating problem2. Accidental touch is not working3. Charging problem4. Network issue5. Fingerprint issue6. Face recognition issue7. Game booster issue8. Animation issure9. Battery drain issue10. Camera issue. 
The google has started to test the android 11 in googles phone (developer only) and still now half of the samsung phones didnt get android 10 or one UI 2.So samsung try to give updates without bugs on time. 
My samsung A50 is facing a battery issue so samsung give a update for battery stabilisation.The battery starts to drain. In last update i need to charge twice a day, but in this update i need to charge thrice a day and performance is the worst after ...
The fingerptint was better without the update.The screen turns out purple at some time. 
When there is some other app is opened without touching any button the google assistant launchs automatically. When i try to get back it start to hang. The accidental touch is not proper...while its in pocket it unlocks automatically withing the fing...