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Hi guys..I recieved latest update in a30s yesterday. But i face battery regarding problem after it i don't know it will come with update or what.But i can't face this problem before so..So tge problem is i leave my phone at 10PM for 25% & when i chec...
Hi guys..I'm in problem.I'm select automatic clock colour but whrn i select & go back at lock screen it can't show it's showing only white so please anyone can know about this so inform me.
I love to use this Samsung's music player i used this player from last 1 month. This is best music player than all of the brands. It is come with good customization, good optimization and more..Just love it and also Dolby is there 🤩🤩
Hey guys...I am really disappointed from Samsung the reason was i have a30s & in this device much features are unavailable like super slowmotion, night mode, screen recorder,always on display etc...At this price range many phone comes from other bran...
Hi guys i have a30s & guys i have face some problems from last 2 days.Guys in picture my volte sign doesn't show means i think it doesn't work.. & my all setting is on so please help me what am i doing now?