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Samsung pay in KSA

(Topic created on: 01-08-2022 12:50 PM)
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Samsung Pay
When will Samsung pay will be available in Saudi ? 
It's frustrating as Samsung users that i can't use all features especially paying with galaxy watch. I hope you can activate this feature as soon as possible so that we can still use Samsung before switching to another phone manufacturer.
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Samsung Pay
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Samsung Pay
Samsung please listen.
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Samsung Pay
Open wi-fi calling
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Samsung Pay

I agree most of them don't want to buy Samsung products because their services are not fully activated in the region
As customers, we are starting to leave some of the company's products for the same reason and are looking for alternatives from competitors. A company that does not care about its customers does not deserve loyalty.

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Samsung Pay
This is true, Samsung pay is still not supported, and that is a big frustration, I am sure Samsung will lose a lot of customers in Saudi Arabia as they don't care about their customers.
Other services of the watch like ECG doesn't work here also.