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S22Ultra | stopped cable charging

(Topic created on: 08-31-2023 01:54 AM)
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My phone gives warning "moisture has been detected in the USB/charging port" and doesn't charge anymore

It started by the phone charging speed was very low (5 to 7 hours) then suddenly this warning and no charging

It hasn't been wet, also i tried cleaning the USB port but still this warning doesn't go away

I can only charge it wirelessly now and need this fixed the soonest 

What do i do?!!
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Hello. I’m Mehad, Samsung Moderator
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kindly follow the below steps 

kindly make sure that you  use the original charger

Check if the phone has dropped or exposed to water

Leave the phone for a while and try the phone with the charger twice

If the issue wasn’t resolved you can honor us with your visit to the nearest service location in order to diagnose the device and solve the issue.

You can send us your city and residential area to send you the nearest service center or you can follow the link below to find the nearest one :
If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
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Is the problem resolved?