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Privacy screen

(Topic created on: 09-27-2022 05:52 PM)
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جالاكسى A
Can I use the privacy screen protector on my phone the Samsung Galaxy a53 without affecting my optical fingerprint sensor
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جالاكسى A

Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the update

we really apologize  for the problem you encountered
Based on your question, it is clear that you are facing a problem with the fingerprint of your device
I ask you to take the following steps:
1- Open the settings
2- screen
3- Activate touch sensitivity
4- Eliminate accidental touch
Then reboot the device and turn on a new fingerprint
Then do a fingerprint test for the device
1- Dial the code *#0*#
2- We choose the word sensor
3- We choose finger print
4- Click on the normal test
We let it scan. If the word “pass” appears to you, the problem remains
We hope to resolve the issue with you as soon as possible

If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are  at your service always
Thanks for your time