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New YouTube ReVanced | Continuing the legacy of Vanced

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Users started looking for substitutes once YouTube Vanced was shut down owing to legal difficulties. And in this piece, we present to you the greatest replacement software for the popular Vanced Youtube app, the freshly released ReVanced app. To begin, let's define YouTube Vanced. It was a specialised YouTube client with several added capabilities.

They included SponsorBlock, an ad blocker, PIP, background playback, an AMOLED dark theme, and more. This article will explain how to get the new ReVanced app, which is functionally equivalent to Vanced. Recently, Google forced the premium YouTube app YouTube Vanced to shut down by threatening legal action. YouTube Vanced, a viable substitute for YouTube Premium, was relied on by a sizable audience.

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The software violated YouTube's terms of service in a few key ways. Thus, YouTube Vanced was disabled. Many people were outraged by this, but a separate group of developers, who had no connection to YouTube Vanced, took up the project and created a new app called ReVanced.

ReVanced is an independent continuation of Vanced with the intention of delivering additional features in addition to those previously present in Vanced. the following fixes were provided: microg-patch, amoled, minimized-playback, old-quality-layout, disable-create-button, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, background-play.

Official - https://github.com/revanced

Download Revanced- http://bit.ly/40HkRuP