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My device temp. Is 31 degrees and i don.t use any thing only opening data and using whats app and samsung member...why is a flagship feels very worm in the middle of the winter.?
Guys, i have a question during the focus mode will any of the stopped apps run in background, i mean will be un-accessable to me only and it still runs in background or no!
Hi, i.m suffering relatively high battery draining rate , my phone is lagging a bit and it.s always warm all this is happening after i updated from android 9 to android 10 .!Are these symptoms common or whats wrong.?I even deleted most of my apps and...
I updated my android OS to android 10 today and i noticed that my phone is getting a bit wormer than it used to on android 9.!Is it just me or this is common issue.?
How can i activate the tracking autofocus option in my s10+ camera setting.?