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Guys is there any news regarding Samsung S10 lite or Note 10 lite launch release in Pakistan?
Guys check in the software update Note 10 plus have received the Android 10 stable update, source Sammobile;
I have downloaded Android 10, I always put transtition, window and animation from developer option to 0.5 for more smooth and better performance, have done factory reset and wipe cache, now when I am on a app and go to another app on gestures then it...
What is going on my WhatsApp, my WhatsApp is cutting from Full Screen when I try to auto rotate on a chat and from side up black screen is cut off, is any of you guys who owned Samsung S10 plus are getting this weird auto rotate black screen on the s...
New Patch rolling out for S10 plus users here in pakistan with November Security patch level and Improvement in fingerprint algorithm.