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Hi, I'm getting frequent sound disconnection during the calls, where the voice disappeare for few seconds before everything go back to normal. this will happene one for every 10 calls approximately. any one else getting same issue?
anyone notice problem with the wifi "fluctuation" and movies and Audio play become worest after updating S7 to Nougat ?
be safe
my display font size keep changing by it self every time I use the phone. any aidea? الخط يتغير عندي كل ما استخدم الجهاز . حد عنده فكره عن هالمشكله؟
مرحبا، عندي مشكله في تشغيل مقاطع الفيديو اللي توصلني عن طريق الوتس اب، ممكن حد يفيدني. I have problem playing videos through Whatsapp, anyone can help?