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My A50s running on android 10 one UI 2 lag alot sometimes when entering or coming out from apps. Please tell the solution or bring the better smoothness with the next update. Thanks!Do share ur view!Edit: when using the gestures ( new one )
Why does my A50s lags??Its camera lags always takes seconds to capture a photo...and it won't open that at one tap...fix this pls in the update...Members share ur thoughts or solutions!
Hey members, I've been playing PUBG on my A50s in HDR ULTRA settings. It was fine till yesterday but now it's lagging a lot. Can anyone tell the solution?P.S I think it's because of the season 10 update. Tell me your views or solution. TY
There are rumours that A50 & A70 will be getting beta of Android 10 and ONE UI. I don't think that it is true, but maybe what do you guys think will these two smartphone get beta?