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After the orio update my fast charging is not working... Please help.
After the naugut update when I try to select pro option from the camera app the application shows error message and stopped. Even after the update there is no difference in camera quality and clarity. I think c9 pro users made a big mistake by purcha...
Model c9 pro. When I tried to call automatically loudspeaker will be switched on from past one week. I tried rebooting the device as well and battery is draining quickly. Its just 5 months already issues started.
While on call the display automatically turned off and also system got stuck not able to reboot or turn off. I waited half anhour to get it resolved. I hope some of them are facing same issue. Please check this. I don't need copy and paste answers. I...
Does c9 pro gets naugus update? and will front camera issue will be resolved after the update.