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notification drop down lock

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Plz add notication panel drop down lock as an option in game launcher it will be really helpfull while playing games like pubg it comes down while playing claw many times which cause lot of issues

after 6th Beta

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Problem is still remains phone is totally performing down beta after beta updates please Samsung Developers fix this all issues with stable update🙏We all suffer alot with this Beta nothing given to your costumes in beta programs its worst to be.....

Lagging apps

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After every beta update there is a noticeable lag, especially while opening Samsung's official apps.Ex: members app, galaxy store etcHave anyone noticed the same issue?I'm using s9 and daily facing this issue.

Beta 5th updates

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Camera is still suffers to its best bcoz till no improve in this section also they remove night mode Live Focused mode is not work properly its again click cut to cut picture with worst quality🙏

volume notification

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It would be really nice if you would consider the stock android type of volume notification Eg. On the side instead on the top...its easier to use and looks even cool

where is front Night mode ?

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Where is front night mode?Cannot use it now ?It was the best feature you guys added after removing everything good thing.Raw capture for front camera, telephoto camera is still long overdue.What do you guys want now ?

Posted by: tgko
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Dissaponted on Features

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Still the bixby routines,30 sec exposure in pro mode and many other features are missing even mid range phones has better battery and more cameras and many s9 and note9 was flagship phone last year but now most of the mid range devices are far better...

Posted by: Đjąy
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Bixby Routines

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Please provide bixby routines for s9 even sub 20k phones have this feature. And add support to S secure app it's very useful it does not work on s9.