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phone book searching

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When searching in phone book, if recent call lists come first it will be too easy to select the persons. Other wise suppose if i search for a number at least i have to type 4 to 5 letters per time for the right number. In redmi phone which i have ear...

Moisture Detected

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Whenever (Say daily) my phone's battery reached to 20%, suddenly i got switched off and on connecting charger in type c port Displays " Moisture Detected". After drying the port 3 hours by mean of dryer it doesn't short out. Afterthat i charge it wit...

Intelligent Scan crash on Galaxy S9+

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Every time i turn the screen on it tells me the phone is too close to the face and stops scanning my face and iris. So i have scan the face again. And this issue is still not fixed yet, not even after the 5th Beta update.

Posted by: ParthR
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McDonald App

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I opened McDonald application then app check security checked and my device is not pass security check Fix this issue as soon as possible

notification drop down lock

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Plz add notication panel drop down lock as an option in game launcher it will be really helpfull while playing games like pubg it comes down while playing claw many times which cause lot of issues

after 6th Beta

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Problem is still remains phone is totally performing down beta after beta updates please Samsung Developers fix this all issues with stable update🙏We all suffer alot with this Beta nothing given to your costumes in beta programs its worst to be.....

Lagging apps

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After every beta update there is a noticeable lag, especially while opening Samsung's official apps.Ex: members app, galaxy store etcHave anyone noticed the same issue?I'm using s9 and daily facing this issue.