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Add macro shot mode in camera

(Topic created on: 11-21-2019 02:07 AM)
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As we all know Samsung has got the best camera setup there is on the market right now in terms of photography, the aperture range and the focal length variations are incomparable if Samsung's S series and note series. The macro shot in one plus simply works by using two lens at same time, i.e using two lens simultaneously, and I can bet that if those two lenses are combined on Samsung's device to get macro shots, not a single Mobile company can beat the quality of those images captured by Samsung. So I humbly request Samsung team to look into the matter and give us the macro shot option in camera section. It is something which can be achieved by proper software implementations as s10 already have the hardware for that.
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No these lenses can't be combined to take macro shots. The wide angle is not designed like that. Though we fan take macro shirts occasionally from the main shooter. It depends on positioning, lighting and focusing.