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where is the 7th beta update 🤔????

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Before the stable one ui3.0 in korea and Europeian samsung push 7th beta update which is the official ending of beta test But in India we can't get any 7th beta update or any official ending of beta test Why samsung 😕??why

Update loop

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I noticed that I haven't installed the latest updates on my S20+ and attempted to install today. After dowload/install/restart process, it keeps going to download the same update again. I tried installing a couple of more times but it doesn't help. I...

Samsung daily app replacement...

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In past i heard that samsung will replace the Samsung daily app with new name Samsung free app somewhere in December so till what date we can expect that actually its a great decision by samsung bcoz Samsung daily app is very slow like every time we ...

Posted by: ansd55
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