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S21 FE terrible battery

(Topic created on: 07-24-2023 01:43 PM)
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with Galaxy
Does anyone else have the issue with the Samsung S21 FE where the battery drains in roughly 4 hours?

I've tried literally everything short of taking the phone back and asking for a different device.

I work I'm IT so I'm fairly knowledgeable on electronic devices but this is beyond me.

I've tried the below

1. Turn off all services I'm not using (Wi-fi, Location, Bluetooth ect)
2. Install all latest updates and patches
3. Downloaded several battery diagnostic apps to check if there is an issue with the battery
4. Set the battery life to Adaptive.
5. Turned off 120hz display 
6. Turned off all background data 
7. Disabled personalization service
8. Put phone in power saving mode at all times
9. Keep the screen brightness low at all times 
10. Use samsung approved diagnostic software (software that came with the phone)
11. Checked for viruses (Samsung software that came with the device)

I've tried loads more but I would be writing an article if I described everything I've tried.

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It might be an app/apps that is draining your battery. It also could be spyware or virus. Go to battery and see wat is draining the battery. Go to battery and device care to see what is draining the battery
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Yes, I have the same problem with my Samsung S21 FE. The battery doesn't keep long.
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It happens on all Samsung phones
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I got the S20 FE and my battery consumption is the worst compared to my previous devices.

I have been speculating, the S20FE doesn't have a long lasting battery. Now that you mention the S21FE, it seems the FE's don't have long lasting batteries🤔.