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One ui Beta for Africa

(Topic created on: 09-12-2023 02:59 PM)
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When will samsung bring Beta to south africa honestly. Is it because we are an niche market and they fill that we not useful to them ? 
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Forget about the beta
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Positively thinking: We don't get beta in South Africa because they care for us. They don't want their Samsung customers in South Africa to run into bugs, errors or issues by giving us the beta updates. So here in SA, we get the final release to avoid any trouble possible.

Note: The above is not a fact. I don't know the real reason why we don't get beta.
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You are totally correct with what you are saying there Samsung does really care about their they are one of the best phone manufacturers out there they definitely won't want us to run into bug and errors and issues that is how awesome they are
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Bugs don't really mean they can harm a phone to be dysfunctional phones bugs they get addressed very quickly that's why they release those betas very quickly
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I don't believe that's the reason. They just prioritise the so-called big markets.

We are not a priority to them as Africans. That's why we don't even have goodlock.

Please don't tell me about fine lock and other stuff.
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They don't give beta versions in Africa