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Galaxy AI on OneUi 6.1

(Topic created on: 01-17-2024 09:30 PM)
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My impressions of Galaxy Unpacked

Definitely impressed with Galaxy AI - don't need to get the S24 for it since it will definitely come to the S23 series in due course. 

In the meantime the AI stuff can be achieved through apps like Copilot, Otter, Chat GPT but it won't be on device for translation, summaries and transcripts etc.

Samsung Health updates, looking forward to that. 

The phones themselves. Yes it's got titanium, a brighter screen, faster processor, the 10x camera became a 5x 50mp camera. I can live without it. Still good with the S23 Ultra.

There's the Galaxy Ring which will definitely make health tracking much more better. Don't need to wear the watch all the time. That's what I definitely look forward to
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Hardware top notch, software is more of Google software on the AI part of Samsung. Nothing new. Love the improvements especially the Camera. But uf you have an S23 series getting 6.1, there is no need to have the S24 series. Even if you have the "condemned" S22 series dont rush to change it will be nuch much better if yiu are patient enough.

Most of the AI is more of a lot of existing Apps but without ads.

If you are not a heavy apps user in phones, dont get the S24. Its way too powerful in most cases but you wouldn't use much . It's like getting a Bugatata and drive it daily at 50km per hour.

But overally s24s seem okay but not impressive all round.