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Everyone is asking for One UI 5 upgrade timeline

(Topic created on: 10-12-2022 09:23 PM)
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It's that time of the year again when everyone asks, when will I get One UI 5. 

I wish to tell you that you will be notified through a notice on Samsung Members.

In future, please press the bell 🔔 on the top right corner and look under notices. You will see a notice there. Take the time to scroll through it to look if your phone will get it and when. 

Try not to ask when the answer will be provided and remain there pretty much all the year until the next release.

You should know that updates don't roll out on time, and do so in batches. If you are really in a hurry, do it manually if you are able...

Right now there is nothing.

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Well said 👏 you're 💯 % correct.
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Good thing people who follow tech can speculate based on past releases and the current beta timeline but One UI for the most recent flagship (S22 series) is set to drop in the coming days (probably next month for SA or just before the end of October.