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Hi, Good lock haven't in my region. Have there any way to install good lock? If have, please tell me how can i get it.
Hi. I'm a s22 ultra user. For few days, i notice My mobile is charging very slowly. At first, i thought it's charger issue, then i brought a new official 45w charger. But it also charge my phone slowly. In my monitoring, 1 to 23% charge in 30mins. S2...
Hi! I'm using galaxy s22 ultra. Suddenly, my 45w was death. So, i want to buy 65w charger. Is 65w fully compatible with s22 ultra? If anyone use 65w with ultra please tell me the charging time and many more.
I have galaxy s22 ultra. I decided to give her a birthday card. I'm not expert on art. Any of my note user friend can you help me by drawing a card for me?
Firstly, when i use music app and in same time wanna turn of Bluetooth for connect speakers the phone go totally hang. I doesn't work, then it automatically restart.Secondly, The pop-up feature. When i received message from Facebook messager and i an...