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just got an envelope by samsung with a protective cover and a thanking note for my s8. Dont know why samsung sent me those. I bought the phone on nov'17. By the way that gesture by samsung made me feel good. Thank you samsung.
s8 is supposed to support hdr technology..but i am not able to enable the hdr mode on there any way to enable the hdr setting?
ur so called flagship galaxy s8 is hanging like hell even after the april update..system ui is crashing again and again..this is the last time i bought a samsung phone..just waiting for the launch of oneplus 6..fuck u samsung😡😡😡😡😡😡😡spent 53 k ...
when i put my s8's front camera infront of a light, the light on the image starts to that an issue??i just want to know whether this thing happen with all other s8 or my device is having a problem