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The phone is suffering from touch issues. I need to tap the exact centre of a folder to open. Sometimes it gets worse and touches skip a lot till I restart the device. Touch sensitivity is turned on and using official Samsung screenguard.
Hi guys,After the latest June security update, Amazon prime is again crashing while trying to play videos with hardware acceleration. This issue plagued us a few months back and now it's back again. Sometimes it doesn't feel worth updating the phone....
For those who are aware of what this feature is, skip to 3.1. Samsung sound assistant app, both standalone and as part of Good Lock module, has recently been updated with this new feature.2. With this option turned on, if you put your phone to vibrat...
As you all know, a security patch was released for the S10 Lite today with October update. Post the update, my screen has a mild warm tint which was not present before. It looks like a partial blue light filter with white balance pushed towards the w...
Hi guys, I've got a Samsung S10 Lite which is suffering from charging issues and headphone disconnections. It's getting worse day by day so, I spoke to Samsung customer support and was adviced to go to service center.Now here's where the troubles beg...