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Galaxy A51 vibration is not working. Tried *#0*# testing, it worked after shaking but  on second attempt again it required to shake the phone to start vibration. It seems like i made a mistake purchasing samsung device. First the mic issue, then fast...
I am unable to charge my galaxy A51 with the charger came alongwith phone. The charger and cable is good enough to charge Samsung Note 8. But when i try to charge A51, it doesnt charge the phone. With the same data cable, if i use samsung power bank,...
I am getting this message again and again after unplugging the charger from charging port. Error is Android System USB connector connectedNext second it showsAndroid system USB connector disconnected.And it kept working like this..Anyone facing the s...
I have samsung A51 and noticed that while talking through ear piece on call, the person can hear my voice clearly. But if i put the call on loudspeaker, the receiver of call cant hear my voice. Turning back to earpiece the person is able to hear me a...
Is there any specific official app by samsung in replacement of microsoft office. Since office is not installed by default