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Can we just acknowledge the fact that all other m series have either got one ui 2.1 or 2.5 update, but M30s despite having same hardware has still not received it
Just here to say very disappointed with the latest update. Till now the widevine L1 bug has not been fixed. Amazon prime video still having 480p as highest quality (Please double check this). No One UI 2.1 despite having same cpu and other components...
Currently using m30s.. and the google app seems to drain too much battery.. it is consistently on top of battery draining app. Anyone else having the same issue?
It's been quite some time since the widevine L1 bug has troubled m30s user. We can't watch content on leading streaming services with max 480p settings. What's the point of having such a greta display if you can't utilize it. Also there is more room ...
Hi.. I'm currently using Samsung M30s. I wanted to ask whether this device supports 25w fast charging if we have a 25w adapter? Since the adapter given with the device is 15w, the charging is slow for its massive 6000mah battery