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When i type number and hit call button no response for 4 sec after that only calling screen appears, I tried below solution but not working, if i try to see the call history it takes 3 to 8sec ,Why samsung not fix thi...
Dismiss the alarm option ,Currently Dismiss the alarm option in the notification bar will appear before 5 minutes prior to the alarm time, This option is useful when we woke up early, But atleast this option should appear in notification bar 1 hours ...
By using Samsung pass , now a days i can't login to any website, when i try to login with my fingerprint it accepts and it fills username and password, after clicking login button, it automatically logged out.
By Samsung not providing LTE ONLY mode  , it provides LTE/3G/2G, OR 3G/ 2G, OR 3G ONLY, OR 2G ONLY, so in india tamil nadu vodafone 4G service ok if 4g signal problems like 1point it automatically switches into 3G which is not work, So we need 4G onl...