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My S10 is not connecting to my laptop after updating the Dex. Tried reinstall driver, reconnecting the cable and after downloading the whole new Dex again. Still not working! HELP!
How to download Radio tuner in S10? The ones available in the Play store are NOT allowing Frequency Tuning. Help!!!
Don't you guys think Samsung has betrayed us by using Exynos Chip in place of Snapdragon in the flagship phones? I mean my S10 burns up like anything even after using it for 5 mins. Samsung,do something about this.
While using other app, call pop up is still there after answering the call. This happens even after Disabling the feature in the setting. This is happening after S10 got Android 10... Make it right asap!!!
Gesture feature in my S10 is frustrating me. For instance, while watching video in MX player.. If i wanna go back using gesture, i have to swipe for at least 5 times to do that. Please fix it. I don't wanna use navigation button either.