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This one can be really useful. Long press on a blank area of the home screen, choose Home screen settings, then App icon badges, and scroll down the menu to turn the Show notifications switch to On. With this feature enabled, whenever you touch and h...
As well as stabilizing video footage, the S10 can also record clips with HDR10+ applied. The High Dynamic Range tech basically makes very dark and very bright areas easier to see (we've got a guide here), but it can also mean videos look less realist...
One of the neat tricks the S10 can do when recording video is to stabilize your footage—very useful if you're on the move while filming. To use it, open the Camera app, tap Video, then tap the square camera icon in the center at either the top of the...
The S10 comes with a special video enhancer that boosts the colors on screen and lightens some of a scene's darker areas to make them easier to see. Whether or not you prefer these enhancements is a personal preference, but you can switch the feature...