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Most farmers still do not understand who are their true friends ... The day they understand, the world will change ...
Just before the speed test by XBHP, the rider is briefed by Ashish Samant, CEO, Zen Microsystems, Pune. This is on High Speed Track at Natrax, Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, one of the largest test tracks in the world. This High Speed Track is 11.3 km lo...
As if it makes any difference for her! Lazy bone!Our 'Part-Time' Pet relaxing withh all four legs in the air ...
On #Natrax #speed 
Generalisation kills specialisation destroying many beautiful thoughts and ceations ... generalisation is forced in to curb harm to the mass but curbs some specialities too ...To night the security asked me not to phitograph without permissiin from t...