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Does Always on Display can lead burn in amoled display? Or it has feature like aod widget moves in some time to prevent in m30s?
Get ready for new update for m30s.As m20/m30 leaked wifi certification & got oneui 2 upgrade before schedule. M30s will be get soon.
Awesome pic captured on m30s.Good dynamic range. *i lowered light so lower part is black. To capture good sunset.
Hello Guys, Plz report feedback to Samsung to solve major bugs or problems in M30s1) Network Reception is weak. Its struggling medium network strength like 92 Dbm. Full network towers still getting lower speeds. While same sim in my M20. Its rocking ...
Warmer tone in display of m30s. Even choosed vivid cool. Phones M20 & M30s. Does all amoled have yellowish tone in white color?