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It's was not pure black on background in grey little light show ! Still not fix I reported already before  2 month ,but it's still having same issues .!!
I have say that while charging phone is its not close all back light panel our amoled screen its show little white color faded on black screen just like normal lcd panel show...?I have asked to developer team of a52 display is Amoled but why its not ...
Currently we switch to A52 from A50s phone but not so much smooth then my previous phone because it's come with 90 Hz but never feel I it's 90 Hz smooth ...
Why I am facing that problem when we use bluetooth one plus so much sound not clear lag glitch ,whereas A52 Camera circle are small but dark blink up its make it bigger camera hole..any time why I don't know what's samsung  wants not use our 3.1 UI !...
Provide me updates ।।regard hindi voice support।।।now ई आम changing phone if you not providing updates on voice support