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Suppose I purchased my phone from Smart Cafe in city A, and 2 months later migrated to city B permanently. Now in case I need to get my phone repaired under warranty, will I have to contact the servoce centre in city A, or will the one at city B repa...
As expected, OneUI 2.5 didn't fix the green tint on most devices that were plagued with the tint. It was ruled as a software issue and an update was promised. Regardless, the fix didn't come. On top of it, service centres won't replace the device or ...
I started this thread to help people put forward their average battery temperatures on S10 Lite while-1. The phone is not in use.2. Is in normal use, eg. Browsing, Social media etc.3. Is playing demanding games for 30+ minutes.4. Is charging with the...
Release an OTA update to fix the green tint issue in S10 Lite