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Dear Samsung developers,Being a proud Samsung device owner, I/we would like to suggest three additions in OneUI to make it the best of all:1. App lock with fingerprintWe know, we have Samsung Pass but that's not very efficient to use. 2. WiFi Call Re...
Good Lock Apps aren't working except the One Hand Operations, Clock face, and Pentastic.Is it the same with everybody else too?
The recent update which was introduced by Samsung for Galaxy watch active 2 with features including VO2, Fall Detection, etc.Can anybody please tell me when will it be available in India?Or it is only launched in Korea for now and will be done for re...
A new update is available for my Note 10+ via Smart Switch Desktop. The only query I have is "is it safe enough to upgrade through it?" I mean I won't loose any data, right? Also, the size of the update is approx 6 GB!!!