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Literally Samsung has left no point on which we can't regret having A50 instead of M40. It's been only 3 months buying A50.😭😭ProcessorRamStorageDisplayCameraGraphicsSpeakersSpeedTechnologyEverything is better on M40 over A50 at same price.Please gi...
Thanks Samsung for listening to our problem and solving it in short time!! Great job 👍Major of Samsung galaxy A50 users were tired of using fingerprint scanner due to its low reliability, but Samsung tried to update little in every software updates ...
While receiving new notifications, the display doesn't wake up. I have to check it up manually with power key waking my lock screen up. Please suggest me if I can fix this with some settings exist.Thank you!!
So much lag as well as not reliable at all, average 3/5 times it fails to recognise my fingerprints in one shot, "no match" / "keep your finger on sensor a little longer" thought I have not lifted my finger from the sensor. This is a major bug.
I suggest, if it can be fulfilled by providing an animation on notch like it's happening while unlocking phone with face unlock feature.- Samsung Galaxy A50 user.