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I learned the iPhone has this feature of face scanning to figure out attention. It's so cool, do we have something like this
Today my phones alarm didn't go off and it had a black screen despite everything I did. I had to force restart it using the volume down and power key combination hold for 20 seconds. Having Bixby as the default for power key is annoying and dangerous...
I'm shocked to learn my S24 Ultra doesn't have an IR blaster. That Ultra is just a title then. I wanted to turn off my AC. :(
Imagine an app for the Notes series that teaches you how to write more beautifully through tracing. My handwriting is atrocious.
I got a new screen protector S24 Ultra. It's pretty neat that it doesn't show what's coming from the side. Downsides is my fingerprint is no longer working. I even tried registering a new print and they fail so that's sad. Wish one came with the box....