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Just see that yesterday I can't find my post about 28th march and then yesterday I post something about this and today that happens! My post was back after doing yesterday's post
I posted something about one UI 2 a day before yesterday that I don't get my one UI 2 and Android 10 till 30 th March when I'm writing it but I check my Samsung member now to see if any solutions and then I saw that's ridiculous Samsung deleted my po...
I used Samsung Galaxy A50 from last year and is has many problems I can see which is network issue, battery drain issue in display fingerprint issue. That is ok I hope that will fix in new updates ok. But recently I watch videos on YouTube that One U...
We got before Android 9 a WPS push connect option inside wifi advanced setting but after Android 9 we couldn't find it..It helps us after forgotten our WiFi password to recover it.On Android 10 update please add it SAMSUNG#SAMSUNG #SAMSUNG_COMMUNITY ...