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1.Enhanced Quick Panel2.Native Screen Recorder3.Enhanced Dark Mode4.Dynamic and Smart Lock Screen 5.A Distraction Free Environment 6.Android 10 Navigation Gestures 7.New Device Care UI8.Redesigned Camera App9.Redesigned Volume Controls 10.Enhanced Di...
It's finally going to be available for Galaxy A series on April, Maybe the first or last week for the jump to Android Q and One UI 2.0. I'm so excited to see new astonishing features of it as well as the better gaming experience.But everything has up...
Hey guys if you are experiencing slow internet speeds problem on 4G networks then maybe trying this will help,( maybe or maybe not applicable for 3G networks )1.Go to settings and then connections -2.Tap on Mobile Networks -3.In Mobile networks, tap ...
Hey guys just enable your developer option if haven't just see my post how to enable it and then just do this -Turn off your window and transition animation scale and also the animator duration scale tooAnd you will see the difference.
Hey look the new update has it own file compressor utility now!!