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I request you please please best update for or Samsung M10 s actually camera quality not good I want best update for camera quality🙏
#Samsung,mobile phone Business mein Shayad Dhyan Nahin De Pa rahi hai Kyunki India mein xiaomi redmi Vivo Oppo Huawei honor ne dhoom macha rakhi he, Kam Price Main batter specification de rahe hain , 🤔
Please Samsung add the budget phone with IR sensor actually I am engineer I am technician I am TV repair and air conditioner repair engineer my requirement IR sensor please add the sensor actually Indian market xiaomi business very very powerful reas...
I am from India please focus Indian market 🇮🇳
hi, I am purchasing 16 November 2019 Samsung M10 s camera quality not good processor very very slow I am purchasing redmi 5A wow great very very beautiful phone , and very great phone camera processor very very great winner my redmi 5A I am Samsung p...