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Camera usage and phone heating..The phone heats significantly after using camera... so along with pathetic image quality it also limits your timing to take pathetic images as isnt. Cool to hold for long..I reported the issue to bandra servi...
Hello,After the recent update to camera the quality of images have turned pathetic.The colour tone has significantly changed.Here are conparison shots..1. Old cameraBefore update1. APRIL FOOD UPDATEAfter update2. Birds photographsOld s24Old s24Though...
Hello,There has been in past proven that samsung has been deliberately slowing down phones in Italy.In India due to lack of proper governing bodies, infratructure to test such deliberate acts ... the comoany is having a free hand.With every update yo...
Has anyone noticed that the battery performance has been significantly impacted after the s24 april 2024 update or am I the only one?Usually a charge would last me a day but not today after update....Please share ur experience people... Thnku
Dont be fooled even i downloaded and installed the updates to find there is absolutely no improvement visibly and non of the issues addresses like of...1. Grainy screen..2. Battery heating.. 3. Camera shift during zoom 4. Smelly Spen5. EVERY Update...