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Received security patch September 1 update not all the issues resolved but some of the few things they improved like:-1.The fingerprint unlock is really fast.2.User interference is slightly improved,like it got smoother to use than before.3.Heating i...
Dear Samsung, Is this your work of 3 months?Prime video is still not playing in FHD.I don't know why you people keep your Developers for?Really disappointing update.since childhood i am using Samsung but next time I am **bleep** sure that I am not go...
Are all M30s users facing streaming issue after the so called recent SECURITY PATCH 1st JUNE 2020 UPDATE in Amazon prime video app?Because I could not stream videos in 1080p on Amazon prime video app.
After the recent update on july 1st 2020 my Samsung M30s has become laggy and freezing suddenly.
I am using Samsung Galaxy M30s and it is Widevine L1 certified too but when I tried to play video on Amazon prime video app I couldn't play in 1080p HD or (FHD).Is anyone else facing issue with streaming on Amazon prime video after the recent update?