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If you guys check these screenshots, you clearly see 4 M3 cores at 2.70 ghz but still it's not utilizing. And samsung you are not sending your devices to anandtech and we know why because you charge same phone as snapdragon variant at same price with...
Dear Friends, I think Samsung is hearing their loyal customers and giving a product which fits to India market as well others too. A device with Snapdragon flagship chip in India for I think first time and whole market was criticize about Exynos vari...
Why my phone is only clock at 1.79ghz on all cores while normal task and in gaming while it is supporting 2.7 ghz.
Does rooting Note 9 exynos will make a difference in performance as I am not happy with gaming performance on stock rom and kernal. Thermal throttle issue. Any suggestions?
Dear Members,Using note 9 exynos version for past one month and it feels like laggy in UI even shuttering too.Does it happen with all.