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... Adopt Xiaomi gestures to handle popup windows?The Xiaomi bars are very useful to reduce or close the windowsAnd why not more windows for every app?
Why do I need to reboot my S21U every time I need to send an SMS with Google messages???When will Samsung stop to boycott Google apps???Gboard freezesPhotos and keep and contacts show totally washed outNow even messages are frozenCalls are open after...
Il mio tablet da 150 ed il mio S21 ULTRA da 1500 USD 
Anyone can help me change settings to see Facebook on my Android 14 UI 6 S21U, with the same deep black as I can see on my 150$ Android 10 tablet ?Thank you in advance.
Quick settings day and nightDo you see the huge difference? I don't see any differenceJust pure tedious, not readable grey