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So one of my friend did got the update of one ui 6 but he didn't updated it that time. But now he has no Updates. Why did Samsung Removed One Ui 6 OTA? Galaxy A24. 
Is there a chance of getting Galaxy Ai? On A Series? From A24 to 54? Or is it only exclusive to S24? 
So I have recently downgraded my Galacy A24 4G device from one ui 6 to one ui 5.1. But now am not getting any OTA updates even the one ui 6 ones. I did the downgrade procedure through Odin and Firmware was from Sam fw. Didn't change anything. AP , DL...
I wan to Downgrade my Samsung Galaxy A24 to its previous One Ui 5.1 Now am currently on Oke ui 6. How do i make the Downgrade without losing potential future updates? Thanka