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So I've been facing this issue from quiet some time maybe 4 to 6 months, this same issue was there with my galaxy s10 and now its on my galaxy s22 ultra. Whenever i try to turn on DND there are three options, the first two are correct but the third o...
My s22 ultra us charging wayyy too slowly, it is taking almost 2.25 hrs to charge from 15 percent to 95 percent, I've bought it 2 days ago, its a 512gb sd 8 gen 1 variant, Also the battery backup is not that compelling. Any ideas or suggestions?
The device( galaxy S10) keeps getting unlocked while in pocket with accidental touches leading into making calls from inside of pocket. Also opening multiple apps and sharing links from within the apps. I have a fingerprint unlock method enabled. I j...
I am not able to receive any gmail notification, no matter what. I've already tried turning off power optimization, power saver mode, turned on all notification from within the gmail app also had turned all the notification from notification settings...
I humbly request you (Samsung developers) to please reconsider the current position on 25W charging of S10, the Samsung's ultra high end flagship is lagging behind by a huge margin when it comes to charging speed. The Samsung galaxy user really wanna...