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What is s21 ultra price nowadays pin packed ?And where to buy geniune new box packed s21 ultra ??
My question is can we change date of first call made or if we factory reset phone is the first call made also reset to 0 ??? I want to confirm a way when was actually the day our phone opens the box n use
I bought m52 5g reviews pls... Sold my s21 ultra super fast charging was not working on cable Feeling so sad
My superfast charger was working fine but 2 days ago it stop working .. then i plug into another socket .. it started charging...But now again it only cable charge.. pls helpWhy super fast charging no work ... it show only cable charging.Super fast c...
Aoa my s21 ultra 1 percent battery takes 4 or 5 minute when i m watching youtube or gaming or just scrolling facebook.Is it normal ? Like full battery 100 percent So 1 percent takes 4 or 5 minuteAlso power saving mode , adaptive battery onAnd i m not...