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A new issue arises after updating to the latest software update(ACTH)This occured to me when i was in a video call on duo with my friends
After the latest ATCT software has bought so many cons that it is frustrating, yes it has bought an improvement in the camera which is really nice but at the expense of poor battery life and overheating while charging and sometimes normal usage is no...
I wish they integrate an app locker in the software for locking individual apps..i felt secure folder is too complicated
Because of overheating my phone is charging very slowly after reaching a point,it is very frustrating as this is happening only after the recent update
Samsung has done an amazing job regarding the camera improvements after the update but my phone is heating up during normal usage and it is noticeable and my screen on time has decreased from 6 1/2 - 7 hrs to 5 1/2 hrs