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Should have,👉 1. No lower chin,👉 2. Not more than 12mp or 16mp cam with descent night mode (already seen ur 48mp on m30s, so no thanks, its a disgrace!)👉 3. Punch hole cam with AMOLED👉 4. Vibrant rubber finish back, solid red, lime, yellow, light...
Hello Secure Folder Team,I assume that secure folder is all about Privacy🔒.But every time I get emails on secure folder's gmail account, I get a notification with my email address mentioned on it, which I dont want.Its unwanted especially when relat...
Where is my Samsung members draft posts?I cant find it..plz help..
I have tested it on galaxy m30s and m10s.You dont have to use any 3rd party software!!Search 'one hand operation' on galaxy store..Install it!! Open it and change setting to:(First screenshot is from m30s and the second one is from m10s!!)Like the po...